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alan: Voice of EARTH CD+DVD CD Only First Press still available

Angela Aki: ANSWER CD+DVD CD Only

Ayumi Hamasaki: Rule/Sparkle CD+DVD CD Only (A) CD Only (B)

Nichika: River’s Edge CD Only

Utada Hikaru: Ten Book


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Rie fu: PRESENT Covers (600 x 597)

PRESENT, Rie fuThis cover’s been out for a while, but only in small. The StyleJapan Report now brings you a 600 by 597 version of the cover, screencapped from YesAsia (the quality is excellent, don’t worry). Click on the image for the full size. The image is in .png format.

I’m really glad she’s (or rather her label is) sticking with the style that was previously demonstrated with the absolutely lovely cover for romantic. However, because the next thing is really complicated, I will not be changing my banner to a PRESENT banner. Besides, the romantic cover has the “Style” of StyleJapan because of the modern city landscape and the “Japan” because… well, it’s from Japan. Enjoy the gorgeous cover. Too bad it wasn’t m-flo produced and it had to be such a boring song. *sigh*

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HYDE is releasing his first compilation on March 8th, 2009, called HYDE BEST (more original title next time, fellow). It features all his A-Sides as well as tracks from his albums as well as a cover of Mika Nakashima’s Glamorous Sky, which he had written himself. CDJapan…

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Angela Aki: New PV

There’s a second PV for Angela Aki’s upcoming album ANSWER, and this one’s called We’re All Alone. Go see the PV…

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Ayumi Hamasaki: New Album March 25th

I was relatively surprised, even though now as I look back on my surprise, I think in terms more in the direction of “took long enough, eh?” Ayumi Hamasaki is releasing her tenth album, NEXT LEVEL, on March 25th, 2009. The album will be released in CD and CD+DVD editions, as usual… but with a little twist: she’s adding a third format, namely USB. The USB format will feature the contents of the CD and CD+DVD editions (depending on the version you buy), and will be packaged in a CD case like the rest. The USB drive will be of 2 GB, and 800 MB (for the CD edition) will be consumed by the music. The other 1.2 GB are for the disposal of the customer.

Frankly, I would go and but the CD or CD+DVD edition rather than buy the USB. It’s almost the same thing as with the switch from Vinyl to CD; I have become attached to the CD format because I’ve lived with it for all my life, and I don’t think we need any smaller.

As usual, the Japanese are the first to take the initiative.

EDIT: Here is a little picture of the USB… not too bad, actually, even though it’s super-glittery.


Source: jpopmusic

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Hitomi Shimatani: SMILES PV

I have been disappointed by this song, in part because I was expecting many many many times more after six months of absence from the releases schedule, but here it is, at long last, the PV for Shimatani Hitomi’s SMILES. As I expected, the horrible title reflected the bad song. It’s OK, but could have been a lot better. Go see the PV…

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Tommy february6: New PV

A PV for the promotion song of Tommy february6’s compilation album, Stawberry Cream Soda “Daydream” is out. Go see the PV… I’ll be honest; I think the song is boring and not worth much attention. Tomoko’s Tommy heavenly6 material is far better, and Unlimited Sky (the promotional song for Tommy heavenly6’s compilation album) is much better.

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New Feature: Upcoming Releases Page

After an hour or so of work, I have finally completed a page of upcoming releases, with links to their PVs, similarly to the one I have on the main site. In order to avoid creating a link to the page (because the bar above doesn’t list all the pages), I created a link just above the list of releases which is available to your right. Enjoy the PVs!

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Ayumi Hamasaki: Rule PV

Another pleasant surprise… after just a few hours ago discovering the PV for aiko’s milk had been released, I now see that we finally have the PV for Ayumi Hamasaki’s Rule. Too bad the PV for Sparkle isn’t out yet since it is that track, and not this one, that we haven’t heard yet. But it will no doubt soon follow. Go see the PV…

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aiko: milk Full PV

This has been out for a few days but I sadly failed to notice it before today. The PV I had been waiting for for endless days and weeks is finally out. Ladies and gentlemen, I present, aiko: milk. (What a weird name for a song.)

Opinions of all length and sort are welcome~ 

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YUI: “Furikaeri Kikaku”

Like going back in time—YUI’s website has now offered not only a very nice new picture of YUI, but has also set up the old website layouts for the releases of feel my soul, Tomorrow’s way, LIFE and TOKYO as well as that of her debut album, From me to you, which may be nice if you weren’t listening to J-Pop/J-Rock (like me) at that time. Go have a look…

P.S.: Sorry for having some of you think that she has a new single coming out… but she’ll be back before the end of the year… right?

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February 18th, 2009
AwakEVE, UVERworld
Bonjour! Chanson, Kaya
ChaNge the WoRLd, MiChi
Maboroshi, Joe Inoue
milk/Nageki no Kiss, aiko
River's Edge, Nichika
Shinshoku Dolce, Kanon Wakeshima

February 25th, 2009
akane, Ayaka Hirahira
akasha, Masami Okui
ANSWER, Angela Aki
Bye-Bye, Ai Otsuka
Chronicle 4, L'Arc-en-Ciel
Good Bye My School Days, Dreams Come True
Gothic Melting Ice Cream's Darkness "Nightmare", Tommy heavenly6
Hiyori Hime, Puffy
Hoshi ni Negai wo, flumpool
Kyuukon/?, misono
Strawberry Cream Soda Pop "Daydream", Tommy february6
STRENGTH, abingdon boys school
Sky Chord ~Otona ni Naru Kune~, Shion Tsuji
Reincarnation, Ami Suzuki
Rule/Sparkle, Ayumi Hamasaki
Yakusoku, Jero

March 4th, 2009
(untitled single), Koda Kumi
DECADE, aiko
Eien/Universe/Believe in Love, BoA
Kokuhaku, chatmonchy
Lacrimosa, Kalafina
NO MORE RULES, Mika Nakashima
Say Your Dream, GLAY
Seventh Heaven, Kalafina
SMILES, Hitomi Shimatani
Tottemo Eezo, Ikimono Gakari
trust you, Yuna Ito
Voice of EARTH, alan

March 9th, 2009
Sakura, Remioromen

March 11th, 2009
Bondage, Nana Kitade
PIANO&BEST, Mai Hoshimura
NUDY xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! SHOW!, Anna Tsuchiya
Ringo EXPO 08, Ringo Shiina
Setsuna, GReeeeN

March 12th, 2009
Ten, Utada Hikaru
Sen, Utada Hikaru

March 14th, 2009
This Is the One, Utada (Japan)

March 18th, 2009
(untiled best-of album), Sowelu
BoA, BoA
KOKIA Infinity AKIKO - balance, KOKIA
RimmiX, immi
Wild/Dr., Namie Amuro

March 24th, 2009
WOW WAR TECHNO, Saori@destiny
This Is the One, Utada (US)

March 25th, 2009
GIVE ME UP, Nami Tamaki
Journey into the Decade, Gackt
Koda Kumi Driving Hits, Koda Kumi
Nami Tamaki Reporduct Best, Nami Tamaki
NEXT STEP, Ayumi Hamasaki
One Room Disco, Perfume
Out Works & Collaboration Best, Koda Kumi

April 8th, 2009
(untitled single), BONNIE PINK
Kuon no Kawa, alan

April 15th, 2009
Puzzle/REVIVE, Mai Kuraki
Seeds of dream, GIRL NEXT DOOR

April 22nd, 2009
In Physical, Ken